Brian Simmons. Throughout the occasions of Diary of a Mad Ebony girl, Brian is seperated from their spouse, Debra, because this woman is on medications which is impacting the complete family members.


Character [ edit | edit source ]

Brian is a supporting character that is male different movies played by Tyler Perry himself. Madea’s nephew and Joe’s son. He is an attorney, and it is often getting Madea away from jail.

Background [ edit | edit source ]

Towards the end associated with film, Debrah would go to rehab and becomes healthier. Through the occasion’s of Madea’s household Reunion, this woman is fifteen months neat and is mentioned become during the household reunion. Because of the occasions of Boo, A Madea Halloween , Brian and Debrah are divorced.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman (Movie) [ edit | edit source ]

Brian had been the protection lawyer for Madea and their relative, Helen, once they needed to can be found in court for trespassing and tearing up Helen’s ex husband’s, Charles household. Madea eventually ends up on home arrest and must wear a monitor bracelet on her behalf foot that is right Helen eventually ends up getting released.

Madea host a homely house celebration and Brian attends along with his two kids. Helen greets them and starts speaking with Brian about her tarnished wedding. Helen asks Brian he instantly agrees if he can handle her divorce which. They carry on speaking and she states,». I simply believed that, I could, Jesus would bless my wedding. if I did all» he responds by telling her that possibly this can be a «blessing in disguise» and in addition saying himself is trying to tear apart that we may hold to something that God.

Brian can be dealt together with estranged wife, Debrah, who has got utilized medications to manage events occurring in her own life during Helen’s breakup with Charles. 1 day, At morning hours hours, Brian lets her in, fixes her some food, but informs her whenever she completes she must keep. She appears to see which he continues to have the image of her together with young ones, letting her understand he has got no emotionally relocated far from her. She begins to cry saying she does not want to work on this any longer, but he struggles in their thoughts once you understand if she stays it will likely be more damage than good. He summons her to go and she she makes heartbroken.

When Brian and Tiffany are driving, they see her in an state that is empty. Tiffany begs him to end so she can keep in touch with her. He finally does. She notifies her mother which he finally allow her sing in the church choir which Debrah is pleased on her, but being in the drugs doesn’t have the vitality to state it. Tiffany unfortunately offers her an invitation that is open view her sing once you understand there was a chance she’s going to not come. Tiffany kisses her in the cheek and leaves. Debrah discusses her family, and fulfills eyes with Brian. While they leave, Debrah closes her eyes in determination and pain.

Debrah causes it to be a rehabilitation center, struggles through her addiction, but overcomes it in the full time making it to program on her behalf child to sing «Father Can I am heard by you» combined with pastor along with her general, Cora . Towards the end associated with track, she concerns church performing because the woman that is second. She talks about Brian and satisfy their eyes, takes a deep breathing and in great health insurance and they accept. Tiffany, showing up to possess had her mother on the mind since leaving her the main one day boils down through the choir ensemble to embrace her mom along side her cousin, B.J.

Madea’s Family Reunion (Movie) [ edit | edit source ]

Madea ended up being sentenced to accommodate arrest, Madea decided to go to court for cutting off her home arrest bracelet (throughout the occasions of Diary of a Mad Black girl) along with to take a child that is foster. After court procedures, these are generally coming back house in Brian’s vehicle. The foster kid is disrespectful towards Brian that he continues to be gracious. After constantly attempting to just take Madea’s focus off exactly how disrespectful her new child that is foster Brian witnesses Madea epic-ally disciplining Nicki inside the vehicle. Brian claims in response, »Remind us to never ever keep my young ones to you AGAIN.»

Brian is observed later during the family members reunion playing baseball with one other fellas into the family members, Franky Henderson and Isaac. Isiac asks about Debra in which he states she doing alright and that she actually is in the house. Before Isaac can get in brian stops him saying, «cannot go inside, the ladies in there.» Playing basketball, He very nearly strikes Carlos Armstrong’s automobile. he presents himself to him and shows him around.

He could be also seen at Franky and Vanessa Breaux’s wedding as he walks down along with his relative, Lisa Breaux, and it is groomsman for Franky.

Madea would go to Jail (Movie) [ edit | edit source ]

Madea went along to court for speeding which the speedchase ended up being shown into the movie that is previous meet with the Browns the film. Madea ended up being impatient waiting around for Cora to Modesto escort grab her to attend the store and took the motor automobile also she’s got an expire permit and automobile enrollment. A snooty woman took her spot at a nearby K-Mart and Madea ultimately got despite having her by dropping the woman’s automobile with a lift. This lady’s spouse been an officer which she ended up being irate and angrily insistent he come and arrest Madea. They arrest Madea at her household and she would go to jail yet again with Brian as her protection lawyer.

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection (Movie) [ edit | edit source ]

By the time, Brian happens to be a prosecutor for more than a year and it is using cost of maintaining the Needlemans household secure and then he gets Madea to simply accept with a lot of finances guaranteed per month.

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