If you hadn’t already done so then there’s still time left to pre-order theBlack Editionwhile PC Racing fans will be pleased to hear that pre-orders are now live onSteam. Accelerate to 200mph while perfecting your racing line in lightweight racing machines. Drive your Super Modified motor over its limit in Drift and Time Attack events. GRID Autosport delivers realistic racing with simulation-style physics but more forgiving, arcade-like handling, and it packs in the content with 100 cars and 100 tracks to race on. It also runs like a dream on the iPhone X, at least, although you do need My APK Mobi a pretty recent iOS device to even run it. The $10 price point is higher than most on the App Store, but it’s worth it for a meaty racing experience, plus all of the add-on downloadable content is totally free.

  • The vehicles you drive are pre-assigned based on the event so there is no concept of a garage with owned vehicles.
  • It also has excellent corner exit traction which is the car’s main strength.
  • If you are about to oversteer give the car more throttle and release the handbrake a bit.
  • GRID is incredibly sensitive to touch with each turn while GRID 2 is a more natural flowing control that lets players easily take turns at seemingly higher speeds, but when it comes to GRID Autosport, its speed sensitive.
  • Racing with people on the other side of the world is not a big issue in this game.
  • If you feel like you need more speed and can’t hold the angle too much, go to 3rd gear and you will get a slight boost from the switch and try increase your speed.
  • I didn’t notice pop-in and even the though the game prompted me to download the high-quality texture pack, I didn’t really bother because everything looks fine to me.

Party modes, Demolition Derby and competitive split-screen modes complement the game’s extensive career mode and expansive core online game. GRID Autosport features more cars, tracks, and modes than any Grid game to come before it. Unfortunately, all this diversity is absolutely ruined by the horribly boring career mode. The career mode breaks gameplay up into categories and requires one to race well over one hundred nearly identical races for each category to unlock the final events.

Getting The Handling And Career Right

You can use the controller in Grid Autosport as this game fully supports external Bluetooth gamepads such such as the PS4 and Xbox One. It’s quite easy to set up as all you need to do is to pair the controller to your phone. To take part in the beta on iOS you’ll need to download the TestFlight app and use the sign-up link. For Android users there are far fewer steps involved, simply download Grid Autosport – Online Multiplayer Test from Google Play.

Part of the reason I hesitate to call it a simulation, however, is because Codemasters attempted to strike a balance between accessibility and accuracy. There were definitely times that my car did things that cars shouldn’t do. Even with all of the assists turned off, the cars performance felt a little bit exaggerated. On one hand, it’s nice that Codemasters wants newer players to be able to jump in and have a good time with the game.

Grid Autosport Mega Guide: Customization, Discipline Tutorials, Tips And Pc Fixes

I don’t understand such a low score for this game.Maybe some codemasters haters? this is a good game.Definetely one of the best sim for consoles i evere tried. GRID Autosport is a really good racing game, delivering terrific sensations, but it suffers poor AI, technical issues on PS3 and 360 and a lack of new content.

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