Based on the popular Seven Deadly Sins anime series, 7DS features gorgeous 3D graphics and exciting turn-based combat. The gameplay is very addictive and has a very nice progression system that rewards you for almost any task you complete. And for the fans of the anime, you can collect various different costumes and equip them on your favorite characters. The game has a very decent story mode that retells the major events of the anime and even goes down into more minor details.

Despite having been convinced by Sarada to take his shots regularly to avoid transformations, Jūgo still retreated to his cave, as he was building up an immunity to the medication. Boruto and Sarada go over the remaining shots, and wondered their options once they ran out. On the third day, the group woke up with bird sounds, Tosaka telling Boruto the remaining infected birds transformed and escaped, Jūgo having gone after them.

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Upon catching up to Hiruga’s older brother, Asaka, it took some convincing that Hiruga was truly him and that there was a new threat. Before a truce could be agreed upon, Deepa arrived and swiftly struck down the remaining quadruplets. Boruto was furious and attacked the man, only for his kunai to harmlessly bounce off Deepa’s body. The man explained that he is able to manipulate all the carbon is around him, including in his own body to become invulnerable. Victor split up the jōnin from the genin in the team, where Boruto and his team-mates faced Deepa. Between Deepa’s relentless barrage of carbon projectiles and his impervious body, the genin were quickly overwhelmed.

  • When Boruto and his team select their answer they are dumped into a pit, which Boruto, assuming this means they’ve failed, makes no effort to save himself from.
  • An expert in the use of chakra charged explosive clay, and can mold it into whatever shape desired.
  • A new boss added with more strongest opponent added to the battle.
  • It has base defense and city-building aspects you need to master to keep your own resources safe.
  • , is the fifth installment in the Ultimate Ninja series, and was released in Japan on December 20, 2007.

Brown Dust takes place after the great Empire has fallen and the world enters the so-called Age of Great Mercenaries. Your character is the son of a well-known famous mercenary, who is also a traitor. Now your task is to gather a NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE gang of mercenaries and learn more about your family’s history. Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage is a combination of Action RPG/City Builder/Tower Defense game. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke was granted Six Paths chakra by the Sage of Six Paths himself, unlocking the Rinnegan in his left eye. While this gives him access to the Six Paths, it also grants him a special space-time technique called Amenotejikara which lets him instantly switch places with a target.

Ps3 Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers A one-stop shop for all things video games. All the character are present in the game, but you can’t train with them without buy the Dlc. Just keep leveling up different masters to unlock all their moves. Mix them up with your custom-made character to find the perfect moves that suit your playstyle. and Decide to hurry for Yuino clan, before something bad happen. This story will feature «Something hidden and menacing behind through of it’s idea» and also focuses on Momoshiki to play his own perspective about something that never been depicted in Anime, Manga or Movie.

Viewing the act as ruthless, Victor insisted there wasn’t an alternative. With their mission technically completed, the Konoha-nin decided to return to the Konohagakure. Along the way, Mitsuki became ill and his body was taking on the same properties as Anato. The doctor was able to treat Mitsuki, and determined that during the fight with Anato, Mitsuki was infected by Hashirama Senju’s cells. Revealing other cases like this have shown up, Yubina informed the shinobi that there was a rumour that the Land of Silence’s black market was selling the cell.

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